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A roof is an important structural element of your property that shouldn’t be overlooked in terms of upkeep and maintenance. Unfortunately, most homeowners and even commercial property owners forget to give the property’s roof the attention it needs. As a result, most roofing systems that are meant to last for decades give up after just a few years.

Whether it is an aggressive storm hurling outside or a raging thunderstorm, it is your roof that takes the most beating. The roof protects your home or business from harsh weather elements and conditions and ensures a pleasant environment and temperature inside. Most of all, it is an expensive investment that needs regular upkeep and inspection, especially after storms, hail, and thunderstorms. Regular inspection of the roof by professionals ensures that any damage to the roof can be immediately corrected.

Whether your roof is old and needs replacement or has recently sustained a storm, it is essential to get it inspected by an experienced and trusted Grand Rapids Roofing Company. Great Lakes Building Concepts is one of the prominent names in roofing & exterior work in Grand Rapids. We have served hundreds of residential and commercial clients in and around Grand Rapids and continue to be the preferred local roofing contractor in the region. 

We treat every customer as the best customer. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience to get the roofing job done right the first time and within budget. So, if you are looking for a roofing company in Grand Rapids, Michigan that will go the extra mile when it comes to quality and service, then choose Great Lakes Building Concepts.

Grand Rapids Residential Roofing Services

Our roofers can handle a variety of residential roofing services for you quickly and efficiently with utmost personal service, quality materials, and professional workmanship. We offer the following types of roofing services to residential owners in Grand Rapids –

Grand Rapids Roofing Repair

No one wants to grab a bucket every time it rains. Like most people, you too do not want to deal with roof repairs as they require the investment of time, effort, and money. However, ignoring small, inexpensive roof repairs can turn into a nightmare quickly. Since the roof comprises about one-third of the home’s exterior, any damage can compromise the integrity of your home. Thus, it is critical to have your roof inspected annually to identify signs of damage.

At Great Lakes Building Concepts, we can provide exceptional quality repairs and trusted solutions for any type of roofing damage in Grand Rapids. Our team has the equipment and the training to meet all your roofing needs – everything under one roof! From storm damage and leaks to fallen trees, we can handle it all.

Grand Rapids Roof Replacement

Over time, even the best roofing system will start to develop problems. Sometimes, it is best to have it replaced entirely than spend on repairs every few weeks. When done right, a new roof will upgrade your home’s curb appeal, insulate your home properly, protect against storms and enhance your investment. If your roof needs replacement in Grand Rapids, we provide high-quality installations and services for all roofing types such as metal roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, flat roofs, cedar shakes, TPO, PVC, slate, tile, etc.

Whether you are interested in replacing your damaged roof or wish to upgrade to a new roofing system, our roofing team can install a new roof that is attractive, durable, and within your budget. You can trust us to finish your roof replacement project well on time and without any hassles and stress, you expect with such a massive renovation project.

Grand Rapids Metal Roofing

Beautiful and highly durable, metal roofing is one of the top renovation-friendly roofing materials that can last a lifetime. A metal roof can easily last 2 to 3 times more than non-metal roofing systems. Metal roofs possess excellent strength, durability and are fire-resistant. In addition, metal roofs can easily imitate the look of slate, tiles, or asphalt and can be made in any color you wish.

Great Lakes Building Concepts has been installing and repairing metal roofs in Grand Rapids for years. We have built a reputation for being professional, dependable, and detail-oriented when it comes to metal roofs. Whether you are replacing your existing roof or looking to have your metal roof repaired, we can perfectly accommodate all your needs.

Grand Rapids Asphalt Shingle Roofing

With a large variety of options, economical production, longer lifespan, and relative ease of installation, asphalt shingles are one of the top choices as roofing materials among Grand Rapids homeowners. With proper maintenance, asphalt shingles can easily last for more than 20 years with ease. Asphalt shingles are quite versatile and can be used for roofs with many different shapes and angles that many other materials cannot.

At Great Lakes Building Concepts of Grand Rapids, we understand you need your roof to last through thick and thin. We are equipped to repair, replace and maintain your asphalt shingle roof. Our roofers are knowledgeable in roofing products and excellent installation – a distinction that guarantees the highest quality workmanship and best service possible.

Grand Rapids Slate Roofing

If you are looking for a new roof that will last for a lifetime, slate is the material that will fulfill this need perfectly. This naturally occurring material is known to be one of the highest qualities and also the most durable roofing type there is. A slate roof can offer your home the ultimate representation of elegance and style apart from reliability and durability.

Slate roofs offer a distinct look that not every homeowner wishes to give up. We are called upon to repair slate roofs after a leak or when they discover missing slates. Our Grand Rapids slate roofers are thoroughly training in the repair and installation of slate roofing using the latest and the most reliable methods. Whether your roof need repair to a portion of roof tiles, routing repairs, or an entire replacement of slate roof, we are here to help you!

Grand Rapids Tile Roofing

The durability, beauty, and sustainability of tile roofs on homes make it an appealing option for many homeowners in Grand Rapids. They are among the oldest and visually appealing than most other roof types. However, tile roofing materials are difficult to work with and need years of experience and knowledge to work with tile roofs efficiently.

Great Lakes Building Concepts has been installing and repairing tile roofs in Grand Rapids for decades and has built a reputation of being reliable and skilled. Our roofers will work with you to determine the type of tile roof that will work best with the architectural design of your home. Any repairs on existing tile roofs are done with accurate color matching that will easily blend, and you’ll not even know that any work has been done on the roof.

Grand Rapids Commercial Roofing Company

Most people wouldn’t be able to distinguish between residential and commercial roofs, but there are some major differences in the materials and the design. It is vital for commercial and industrial buildings to have a strong and durable roof that will protect them from wind, water, and other hazards that can affect their business. When commercial building owners realize they require a new roof or repairs, it can be overwhelming to make the right decision. But, when you have experienced a roofing company like us by your side, you should expect nothing but professional, responsible, and safe services from us.

From the initial consultation and estimate to the completion of your commercial roofing project, Great Lakes Building Concepts provide you with unparalleled commercial roofing expertise but with old-fashioned customer service in Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids, MI Flat Roofing Repair & Replacement

As with other types of roofing, flat roofs come with their own set of problems. From surface cracks, water pooling, leaks, membrane buckling, and flashing, there are a number of ways in which flat roofs can get damaged. But proper flat roof repairs can add years of life to your building. But sometimes, flat roof replacement makes more sense financially.

Fortunately, Great Lakes Building Concepts help assess the damage and find the best roofing solution for your business. We can easily handle all types of flat roof repairs and replacements for all types of commercial and industrial buildings. We can also help you better protect your flat roof with appropriate coating. With our commitment and long-term warranty, we are confident to solve your flat roofing problem and help guard against future problems.

Grand Rapids TPO Roof Repair and Replacement

TPO roofing is a type of single-ply roofing membrane that is widely used on a number of commercial buildings in Grand Rapids. TPO is a short form for thermoplastic polyolefin, which is the main chemical used for such roofing material. They are popularly used on low-slope commercial buildings because they are durable, fire-resistant, and have reflective capabilities, but they are not indestructible and will need repair.

If you experience any problems with the TPO roof on your building, our Grand Rapids roofers can do more than just address the cosmetic problem. We can help identify any underlying issues and fix them before they turn into significant problems later. We can also carry out TPO roof installation if you are considering upgrading your existing commercial roofing system. From ongoing maintenance to emergency TPO roofing services, we can ensure your building’s TPO roof system is prepared to protect your building for decades to come.

Grand Rapids, Michigan EPDM Rubber Roofing Contractor

EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer and is a polymer blend that can easily withstand all types of weather elements and are an ideal material for commercial buildings. They are light and flexible and can be used on low, flat, or steep roofs. They are long-lasting that will keep the roof on your commercial space watertight for years.

Great Lakes Building Concepts: Grand Rapids Roofing Company is one of the leading companies for the installation of EPDM roofs in Grand Rapids. However, we do more than installations. We provide EPDM repairs for damages caused due to storms or regular wear and tear. As a local Grand Rapids company, we understand the importance of personalized attention and want you to be involved every step of the way.

Grand Rapids PVC Roof Repair and Replacement

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is a single-ply membrane that is a popular roofing solution for commercial buildings. The membrane is malleable and is modified to suit different sizes and shapes of rooftops. They are exceptionally durable, resilient, and impervious to moisture. However, they can degrade quickly from exposure to different elements.

Do not let storm damage or leaky roof limit your operations. Our Grand Rapids PVC commercial roofers are efficient and effective to help keep your building running as smoothly as possible. Our experts will evaluate and determine if any years are left in your roof’s life. We then use the results to help you make the right decision for your building. We will work around your schedule to minimize disruption to your business.

Grand Rapids Storm Damage Roofing Company

Wild weather in Grand Rapids can wreak havoc on your roof as high winds can shift or blow off the roof or cause leaks through the weak areas. The worst part is that it is not always possible to assess the damage from the ground up. Any damage to your roof, whether minor or major, need to be dealt with quickly. To prevent matters from becoming worse, give us a call for an honest evaluation of your roof. Over the years, we have repaired roofing systems damaged due to windstorms, hail storms, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes across Grand Rapids, Michigan. Whether your roof requires repairs of individual sections or a complete roof replacement, we can ensure your roof is repaired or replaced to code.

Don’t wait till the last minute to get emergency roof repairs, as the longer you take, the more expensive the repairs become. If you need an insurance claim for your damaged roof, we would be happy to help you through the process and make the experience hassle-free.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Grand Rapids Roof?

When your roof starts showing signs of damage, it can be difficult to know whether roof repair is sufficient or a roof replacement makes more sense. We can help you decide which option is best for your home.

Some factors to help you decide whether to replace or repair or roof are –

Age of the Roof

If your roof is already at the end of its lifespan, replacing the roof makes more sense. But, if your roof is damaged in some parts but is generally in good shape, repairs make more sense.

The Extent of Damage

According to experts, roof repairs are best only if the damages cover about 30 percent or less of your roof. Repairs for roofs beyond that threshold will most likely be too expensive.

How Long You Intend to Be in the Home

If you plan to live in the house for a few more years and the roof is otherwise in good condition, repairs would be a more cost-effective option.

Repair Work will be a Temporary Stop-Gap

While a roof replacement will cost more than repairs, sometimes the difference is not always substantial. If the prices between the two are minor, roof replacement would be a better investment.

The Roof is Not Compliant with Latest Building Codes

If your roof does not comply with the current building codes, you will run into problems if you decide to sell your property. So, instead of opting for repairs, have it replaced to ensure you comply with the local law.

Your Budget

For many people, roof replacement is not an option as they do not have it in their budget. But re-roofing is still an option provided there is no damage to the deck. The key is to have a quality roof on your home that can easily last for ten years or more.

Consider the Hidden Costs

When deciding to replace the roof, consider additional costs such as gutter replacement or landscape damage. When collecting quotes, make sure you get a comprehensive estimate detailing the entire project’s costs to help you make the right decision.

We can help you weigh the options and provide you with the most budget-conscious solution without putting your roof at risk. Unlike other roofers, we are not pushy salespeople and would not scare you into buying a new roof unless it is extremely necessary. We provide roofing solutions that work well within your budget.

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We offer free inspections throughout Grand Rapids. Give us a call, and we will send one of our local, experienced roofers out to your location to take a closer look at your roof and provide customized solutions.

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Carol Aaron
Carol Aaron
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They do great work, they put on metal roof and sided my house and garage and installed my windows. I would highly recommend this company! Excellent job, no complaints.
Libbie Niewiada
Libbie Niewiada
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They did a small siding repair job on our house. Excellent service, and they were able to send someone out the next day! As a bonus, they were very reasonably priced. Highly recommend and we will definitely be using this business again for future needs.
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Tom Kent
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Great professional service on attic insulation.. The job was done on-time and according to the estimate. Great crew - polite, professional and personable.
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Bernie Scholten
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We are very happy with everything! Aaron who quoted the job, Jason who came the first morning, the foreman in charge of the work crew and the entire crew were excellent!! Not one issue with anything! Would definitely recommend Great Lakes to anyone who needs a new roof!!❤️
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Jakob Wazner
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Of all the quotes that I received for the work, Great Lakes Building Concepts gave me the best time-frame and peace of mind that the work would be done effectively and in a timely manner. I am thoroughly impressed with the outcome. The roof looks great! And they worked with me to get the financing I needed to complete the job! Would HIGHLY recommend.
Marvin Machart
Marvin Machart
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We would highly recommend Great Lakes BC. Very thorough inspection and very informative. There was no moment that we felt like we didn't know what was going on. Skilled, experienced roofers so I have no doubt that the roof will be watertight for years to come. They also did a great job of cleaning up at the end of the project!
Gerald Stolicker
Gerald Stolicker
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I appreciate how honest they where. From my initial call in all the way until the installation, everything was 100% transparent. Would definitely refer to anyone looking to work with a small company who truly cares about there reputation.

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Great Lakes Building Concepts was founded on the idea of providing a superior home improvement experience at a fair and competitive price point. Our focus is on Communication, Honesty, and Integrity. We understand your home is unique, and special to you, therefor, we customize each project to deliver 100% satisfaction, ensuring your finished project not only stands up to, but exceeds your expectations.

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When it comes time to replacing your roof, take peace of mind by hiring the best Grand Rapids roofing company! With years of experience, we take pride in offering premium warranties, top of the line materials, and impeccable craftsmanship!

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In most cases, a complete roofing system can be installed in one day. However, this can change
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Metal roofing can come in several different forms, each offering a unique balance of benefits and
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Yes, we offer a wide array of financing to allow home owners to improve their home now, and pay
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